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Before entering into the topic Imagine– Suppose  you’re visiting a new country. You were feeling hungry and crave – now, what you do is take out your smartphone and search ‘best restaurant at particular place’ on Google. Obviously you were going to click one of the top three search results links.

Just for a moment, forget about the nation and the cuisine out of your mind, and consider why only those specific links appear at the top of the SERP, or search engine result page.

Okay, let us tell you SEO or Search EngineOptimization is the alchemy behind it. It is the practice of optimizing your website or blog content in order to raise its position on search engine result pages and boost traffic. This article provides you SEO friendly content writing tips

Content Writing Tips For Beginners

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, also called SEO. It is the practice of optimizing a website or webpage to increase the quantity and quality of its traffic from a search engine’s organic results.


SEO is one of the digital marketing strategy here the overview about  that help you to increase your website’s search engine ranking often using different methods of manipulating a search engine’s algorithm like keywords, title tags, meta description according to users need so that when the searcher types keyword in search engine it will direct into your website. It is an essential digital skill-set that can boost traffic volume and conversion rate.

It is an essential practice for anyone who wants their site ranked in web searches as high as possible with quick results like paid or by free organic traffic by learning algorithm. It focuses more heavily on technical aspects, such as understanding how algorithms work and what steps need to be taken to optimize rankings. Search engine optimization is significant because trends in this industry are always dynamic in nature with consistent algorithm updates, that’s always give a push to SEO’s professionals and owners necessitating the adaptation to learn and modification of website strategies according to trend.


How search engines are operated?

Before telling the tips it is important to know how search engines are operated. To organize and rank the content in search engines like Google employ complex procedures called “algorithms.”

These algorithms use literally hundreds of ranking parameters to determine where a certain webpage should appear in the result.

Three key tasks are carried out by search engines to function:

1. Crawling

2. Indexing

3. Ranking

Crawling: Search engine uses “bots or spider” to crawl the web and look for new or updated pages of the content scoured. In order to find a page, search engine look over the code or content for each URLthey find. In general, search engine finds a page more easily by more links there are relevant to content.

Indexing: Arrange and store the information collected in the crawling process act as database. Once a page is indexed in search engine it will provide the data which displayed as a result to pertinent searches.

Ranking: Results are ranked from most relevant to least relevant in search engine ranking page in order to deliver the content that will best satisfy a searcher’s query


Important Factors for SEO friendly writing content tips:

In the world of SEO, data and information are king. That’s because search engine algorithms are designed to prioritize articles that contain accurate, up-to-date information. So, if you want your articles to rank highly in search results, you must ensure that your posts are jam-packed with pertinent facts and information. But the question is what exactly meant as “useful” data and information? Let’s learn more about how the content should be you willget the answer why content is important for SEO .So the content should be in following manner


Relevance is main thing when it comes to data and information. You should write an article on a subject that people are actually looking for based on search intent. You can learn which themes are most searched for by adding keyword research in your SERP process. Make sure all the data and material in your post are pertinent to the topic you’ve chosen once you’ve narrowed it down. Tangents should be avoided apart from the subject of content will only confuse readers and lower your article’s search ranking.


In addition to being relevant, all the data and information in your article must be accurate. If it is not accurate Search engines will penalize articles that contain false or outdated information. Verify that all of your facts and numbers are accurate before pressing the “publish” button. Use only reliable sources that are recognized for their accuracy if you’re quoting sources.


Your data and information must also be presented in a clear and simple way to grasp. Remember, not everyone who reads your article will be an expert on the subject. Therefore, it is crucial to write clear and concise, using language that everyone can understand. Making your post more reading can also be accomplished by breaking complex ideas down into smaller, more accessible to readers.


If you have more knowledge on yours content don’t hesitate to provide to your audience because peoples will learn new information from yours content. And also your article has a better chance of appearing well in search results if it is more precise, detailed and depth. So if you have immense knowledge about the subject, don’t be afraid to share it! Your readers will appreciate the insider insights, and search engines will reward you for your efforts as you were giving new information

As you can see, data and information play a crucial role in ranking your website. Make sure your articles are made up with pertinent, factual, and useful content if you want them to rank well in search results.

High quality content:

We often used to hear, from many of the SEO expert “Content is king”. Content is a crucial component of any SEO strategy. Content is important for improving your website and getting a good position in SERPs, but only when the content’s quality is very high.

A website’s rankings can be improved by having high-quality content, In other case the trustworthiness of your website will degrade if you have low-quality or unreliable information. High quality content should be

1.  Content should be specific towards your product:

Always remember that, try to stick with specific niche in your content. Sometimes over enthusiasm will over rule you and make you get distracted from what we are writing. So avoid these and try to stick with your niche.

2.  Keywords Research:

Prior to crafting your article, conducting keyword research is crucial. Users employ keywords to look for specific pieces of material or websites on Google or other search engines. Therefore, attempt to do some keyword research before writing any material, i.e. which specific words are related to your niche and are used by most of the users using to search for that specific content. Apart from that you can also perform research on your competitors that how they are using that keywords and their performance on that keywords.

3.  Draw up a plan with a format for your content:

Always remember to format your content in a way that draws visitors to your website or readers. In general, from user perspective if your material is poorly formatted, users won’t find it valuable. Therefore, you should always attempt to use good formatting strategies for your content.

The other thing is that, provide your content with sub topics, using highlight is much more effective than keeping the points in a single block making it a long phrase will become hard for user to read.

4.  Use keywords in your content:

Finding and searching keywords is not alone a task in Searchengine optimization. Try to incorporate the concentrated keywords you’ve found in the mass of words into your content in a way that makes sense. Use your keywords in the title, URL, and meta description whenever possible. After all that, make every effort to include those keywords in your article. It will help your SEOstrategies as Google generally search keywords in your content and then ranks your pages

However, don’t include more keyword and put yourself in the situation known as keyword stuffing. Avoid keyword stuffing techniques when utilizing keywords in your article. Instead, try looking for some Latent Semantic Indexing keywords and using those keywords will help your website to rank easily

Final thoughts:

Nevertheless, search engine algorithms are always dynamic, it is always important to optimize your content SEO friendly. So learning and making your website optimize will going to be a continuous process in search engine optimization

By improving SEO friendly content writing tips and following the other methods mentioned above will make your business to rank easier in search engine and make search engines to understand & index your content. The better your website looks to the search engines, the more likely they will be to recommend your website, or post to relevant search engine users when they look for keywords that are relevant to your product or service offering. And it is always wise to choose best SEO friendly content writing agency to look your website ranking first in SERP

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